Cashew nuts

The majority of cashew kernels are a processed for the premium roasted and salted snack market. Cashews are becoming a popular nut choice of food manufacturers as a raw or roasted ingredient in breakfast cereals, confectionery, biscuits, and as an ice-cream topping. 

Cashews are an interesting nut in that they grow as a single nut encased in a hard shell below a fleshy 'apple' that hangs from a tropical evergreen tree. Removal of the nut from the shell is by a steaming process to soften the shell. The kernels are then extracted by using a hand operated cracking machine. The 'apple' can be processed to make a nutritious juice and the shell, which is high in oil content, can be used to fuel the steam ovens. The Cashew Nut Shell Liquid (CNSL) can be used to manufacture innumerable industrial products.

The world's largest growers and processors of cashews are India and Vietnam that supply the bulk of global demand. Because demand outstrips production, India and Vietnam imports raw cashew nuts (RCN) from other producing countries, mainly in Africa. 

We trade cashew kernels from selected processors in Mozambique, Tanzania and Kenya with whom we enjoy excellent longstanding relationships. Our preference for these origins is down to the unique flavour of the kernels and the guaranteed quality that we can offer. We work closely with our suppliers, matching their factory output with our customers' demands.  

We offer a range of cashew grades including: 

  • WHOLE GRADES (kernels per lb / 453.59g) : W180, W210, W240, W320, W450
  • BROKEN GRADES : Butts (B), Splits (S), LWP, SWP, BB

We offer 1st class, 2nd class and 3rd class product. To distinguish between the various classes, the following terms are used : White (W), dessert (D), scorched (S) and second scorched (SS).

Cashews are packed by grade in a 1 x 50 lb nitrogen flushed vacuum pouch in a carton. A 20' container is shipped with 700 x 50 lb cartons.