Almonds are a popular and highly nutritious tree nut used in a number of applications including confectionery, roasted and flavoured snacks, dried fruit and nut mixes, muesli cereals, bakery and ice-cream toppings. Our almonds are sourced directly from carefully chosen processors in the  USA and Spain. 

We offer Nonpareil variety natural brown skin and blanched whole almonds, and various processed grades including slivered, diced, sliced and meal.

BROWN SKIN ALMONDS are graded as U.S. Extra #1, Select Sheller Run and Standard Sheller Run in counts of 18/20, 20/22, 23/25, 25/27 and 27/30 per ounce (28.349g). 

We offer the following processed brown skin almond grades:

Regular : 0.047 +/- 0.004” (1.19mm +/- 0.1mm)

Thin : 0.030” +/- 0.004” (0.76mm +/- 0.1mm)

Thick : 0.065” +/- 0.004” (1.65mm +/- 0.1mm)

Diced sizes : 12/8 and 22/8

Meal : Premium and Euro

Packaging of brown skin almonds is in 50 lb cartons or 2,200 lb plastic lined cardboard cartons or 2,200 lb supersacs. A 20' container is shipped with 720 x 50 lb cartons.      

BLANCHED ALMONDS are carefully sorted and shelled, blanched wholesome nuts which are free from foreign odours, flavours and colours. Good manufacturing practices are observed throughout the entire production and storage period. 

We offer the following processed blanched almond grades:



Regular: 0.047 +/- 0.004” (1.19mm +/- 0.1mm)

Thin: 0.030” +/- 0.004” (0.76mm +/- 0.1mm)

Extra Thin: 0.024” +/- 0.004” (0.61mm +/- 0.1mm)


Regular: 4.8mm; Medium: 3.7mm


12/8m and 22/8m 


Premium and Euro Quality

Packaging of blanched almonds is in 25 lb poly lined cartons. A 20' container is shipped with 1,000 x 25 lb cartons.