Peanuts (Groundnuts)

Peanuts has been an important commodity for Nutrade Africa since the company's founding. Nutrade Africa has a firm footprint in the Southern African peanut trade, supported by production and processing facilities in South Africa, Zambia and Mozambique, and a well established sourcing network in Senegal, Tanzania, Argentina, Brazil, Nicaragua, USA, and India. We are well equipped to offer our customers a broad range of high quality peanut products throughout the year. 

Nutrade Africa trades in Spanish, Virginia, Runner, Valencia, Java and Bold type peanuts, and is able to service a diverse range of discerning customers including snack food, confectionery, peanut butter and bird food manufacturers.  

Our suppliers and growers use the latest Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and our products comply with our customers' stringent quality demands, ensured through the extensive use of foreign material detection and removal, laser and colour sorting technology, metal detection and visual checks. In-line quality assurance and third party chemical and microbiological testing is a procedural requirement. Regular audits are conducted on our suppliers' factories.