In a nutshell

Nutrade Africa is an established bulk supplier of seeds and grains, pastes and spreads, peanuts and tree nuts and dried fruit sourced from world-class alliance suppliers with whom we have enjoyed longstanding relationships.
We have a wealth of experience in end-to-end supply chains in the commodities we trade and in matching the right products to our customers' demands. This enables us to offer our customers products and solutions that add real value to their businesses, while offering fair returns on investment for our shareholders. Our customers have come to know us for our quality and reliability. They trust us to deliver quality products, on time.

Ingrained in our ethos is the strong belief that our farmers, suppliers and customers are the cornerstones of our business. We remain acutely aware that our business would not succeed - or even exist - without our suppliers' support and our customers' consistent loyal patronage. This drives us to nurture and honour our relationships.